v0.8 The BEEFY Update

0.8 was a massive update. Bigger than I expected. For one simple reason:

I got access to Dalle. The AI Image generator.

And I decided to take the opportunity to implement cutscenes while I had the chance to generate background for it. Some of them are truly cursed.

I've also included a Gallery in the Bonus Features menu containing some of the rejected generations. So brace yourself.

Anyway, since Cutscenes are in, here's a quick update to the Roadmap

0.9 - The Fry-Update

This will continue to include the final level: Fry Sanctuary. Set on the Dominods space station orbiting the Pizza Planet, and culminate in a fight with the mastermind behind everything.

There will be some boss refights. Each boss will require less hits, but they will be more dangerous. I'm also trying to work in a way to fight multiple bosses at once.

v0.10 - The Story Update

Now that I have cutscenes already in, this update is moot.

v1.0 - Sweet Release

This will have the final apocalyptic battle between The Noid and the Big Bad and finally present a completed product.

I have some ideas for this boss that will require a bit of development time. It's basically a whole new game.


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Sep 02, 2022

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