Roadmap to Completion

So, v0.7 has been released - finally - and I figured I should give a roadmap for completion for the game.

v0.8 The Beefy Update

The Beefy update will be the next update. I'm going to try and get this out for SAGE (Sonic Amateur Game Expo), but the start of September might be pushing it.

I have already started working on it. Here's a preview of some of the basic pipe platforms.

Lava Beef is set deep within the bowels of the planet and is where all the toppings get cooked. Expect conveyor belts, tenderisers, and lots of hot hot lava, as well as revealing a dark dark secret.

This will be the penultimate level, so expect the difficulty to really ramp up. It will combine many of the set pieces from previous stages into one, along with a fairly difficult boss fight.

v0.9 The Fry-up date

The final full level will be Fry Sanctuary. The secret hidden throne room of the planets rulers, the Dominoids, which has been taken over by Miku.

This will be a very long stage and will include a series of boss re-fights before eventually facing off against Miku herself, with a surprising twist at the end.

v0.10 The Story Update

This update will add short story cutscenes between levels. The original idea was to have cutscenes hidden in levels - in fact there's one hidden in Meaty Junglira 1 - but hiding the (very silly) story behind exploration is, in itself, a bit silly. I'm unsure if this update, or v1.0 will include the true final boss for collecting all the golden ingredients.

v1.0 The Sweet Release

The final release. Will tidy up any problems and bugs. I'll be doing a detail pass on all the levels and tweaking difficulty. 


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Jul 05, 2022

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