Trapped for 3 years on a Space Bus from Two-Sun to Vega 5, one unlucky member of the Super Bus Squad must race to repair the damage caused by marauding space pirates, the malfunctioning repair robots, and handle the poorly trained and lackadaisical crew.

The original game was made in one week during the 2021 Desert Bus for Hope charity marathon for the Desert Bus Game Jam.

Omega Edition has had an extra months worth of work put into it.

With new and extended levels, new weapons and unlockable Hardcore Mode.

See below for the Standalone Windows build

Controls (Xbox and Playstation Controller compatible)

ControlsKeyboardX BoxDualshock
ControlsKeyboardX BoxDualshock
SlideSHIFT/X/MLB/RB/YL1/R1/TriangleFire (Hold to charge)
PauseESCStartStartNext WeaponTABBCircle
Weapon SelectCSelect

To unlock Hardcore mode, either complete a game, or enter UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT on the main menu


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