Trapped for 3 years on a Space Bus from Two-Sun to Vega 5, one unlucky member of the Super Bus Squad must race to repair the damage caused by marauding space pirates, the malfunctioning repair robots, and handle the poorly trained and lackadaisical crew.

Made in one week during the 2021 Desert Bus for Hope charity marathon for the Desert Bus Game Jam.

Keyboard Controls


SPACE - Jump

SHIFT/X/M - Slide

CTRL/Z/N - Fire (Hold to Charge)

ESC - Pause


D-Pad - Move

Shoulder Buttons/Button North - Slide

Trigger Buttons/Button West - Fire (Hold to Charge)

Button South - Fire


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Hmm...I don't like this game, but mostly for the same reasons I don't like Megaman. Good job? That said, the visuals are really impressive for a game jam. They give me more the impression of a certain era of old small-time PC games though, with the background clearly rendered in a different way than the game objects.


it needs an option to change the keyboard controls - shift and ctrl are really awkward for me !

Post-jam will have rebindable controls, but for now I've added Z/X and N/M as alternatives

thats great , thanks ! z/x was the combo i was was going to suggest