What happens when you combine two Arcade Classics together?

Well... if it's Snake and Match 3 you get Snak3, but if it's Snake and Pacman you get SNEKMAN!

Collect the eggs, deposit them in your nest. Increase your tail length for longer combos.

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Challenge yourself to get the perfect clear!


Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Button O
X - Button X
Enter/P - Pause


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Pico 8 Cart 35 kB
snekman.app.zip 3 MB
snekman.linux.zip 533 kB
snekman.raspi.zip 748 kB
snekman.windows.zip 961 kB


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Fun idea! Would you mind uploading it to Pico-8 BBS to make it available from Splore?

(1 edit) (+1)

It already has been.