I couldn't get all the content in I wanted in time for the Jam Cut-off so I'll be adding it in later.

There's an entire wing that's just 3 empty rooms, and there's a hidden area that's supposed to lead to a hidden ending that's not done either.

I'll update this when it's done.

Published Feb 28, 2017
AuthorGee It Some Laldy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro


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how fight ice(I think) guy? I can't avoid his attack

He can't reach the upper corners...

you'll need a lot of patience, but he can be beat that way

You can also stand on top of him.

need a way to fall through platforms (at least 2 function as reload forcing dead-ends.)

Double-tap down. I know I didn't make that clear in game.