Made for Ludum Dare 34, whos themes were "Growing" and "Two button controls"

Eva Ness descends into the bowels of hell as an Angel of Vengeance, in order to destroy a group of demons and save her own soul.

Controlled entirely with the mouse you use Mouse 1 to hop or fly (when you've grown wings - haha! see what I did there?) and Mouse 2 to fire your Heavenly Automatic Pistol.

Lets get this straight right here: The control system is AWFUL. I am very tired. I made a platforming game where you have near zero precision control. All I can say is I did my best. Enjoy. Or not.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBig The Dave
Made withUnity
Tags2-button-controls, growing, Ludum Dare 34


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This is really cool, the only negative criticisms that I had were said by yourself. I really like it and it's worth polishing/reusing as it is an excellent idea.