Enjoy this introduction/tutorial to a first person puzzle adventure game about a Fresh-faced Cadet in the Star Corps Academy of Technology. You!

Pick up your Scanner and Multitool, hunt down anomalous signals, discover new planets and alien life forms and become more than just a guy in a red shirt. Eventually...

For now, you're stuck at the academy training grounds.

The game, as it stands, is just a tutorial. The work of a single person over the course of about four nights as an attempt to implement the 'scanner' device as a viable game mechanic for basing puzzles around.

I'm not sure I entirely succeeded, as the scanner itself is really only useful for a 'hotter/colder' style maze-solving game. With the addition of the Multitool to 'fix' things I attempted to add another layer to it.

The game has a series of elements that should be useful for making puzzles with:

  • The Scanner
  • The Multitool
  • The Teleporter Pads
  • Kicking Physics objects around

The game is planned to have a story too, based around your budding career as a fresh-faced Star Corps Cadet. From the state-of-the-art testing facility to the aging rust-buckets of the Star Corps Fleet. Feel the realism inherent in the most realistic space-engineering simulator ever conceived.

Experience hunting escaped stray cats through air ducts, fixing mundane things like broken vending machines, never working your way out of mediocrity, failing to climb the Star Corps ladder for eternity, having nightmarish fever dreams about being the Ships Automated Holographic Doctor before beginning to question all you know about your life and reality and forgetting how to use commas and full stops and knowing really you should have ended this sentence about twenty words ago.

That's the plan anyway.

That's not the plan any more

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