Explore, Trade and Upgrade your way through a galaxy of stars. Using a static, but procedurally generated, galaxy 500 light years across.

As inspired by the original Elite, but without the actual flying of your ship (so Elite with all the exciting bits taken out)

First Steps

You start out with 2 units of fuel. So You'll need to purchase some from the station. A total of 12 will make your fuel range (purple circle) equal to your engine's jump range (solid green circle).

You should have enough money left over to buy some goods.

Once you've bought some fuel, and goods, go to the map screen. Use the arrow keys to move to another system within the circles and press A to travel there.


Created for the LOWRESJAM 2016, this is just my second PICO8 game and once again I over-extend myself :D

For the 8 days I spent on the game I think I got something quite cool out of it.


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