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why is it edsf instead of wasd and why is there no option to change it


thats my high score



Hey there!

Sorry for the unsolicited feedback - just the indie dev in me!

Enjoyed playing the game, made a little video for fun.

Good work!

Kinda cool and nicely balanced! Timecode: 5:48

Fun game. :D Made it to level 13 before getting overrun. Runs smooth in browser.

The controls were a bit confusing at first. Also, maybe a screen which explains the in-game pickups would be helpful. Nice work. Enjoyed it.

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This game has a nice, coherent artistic style and some actually solid gameplay. 

The game seems to end fairly abruptly though. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but in the end I always run out of presents and don't get any more, despite hitting every single present. People keep dropping down but I have no presents to give them, so that's a sudden game over.

Edit: I take that back. Sometimes you need to dodge people while waiting for presents but thanks to the santa hat power-up it seems entirely possible to keep going for a good while.


I'll give you a hint btw: If you leave the power ups alone until you really need them, it keeps their respawn time at its lowest. The more you pick up a powerup the longer its respawn time is.