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let's run this piece of shit

good, you should add Fullscreen


I made it!!!!

You're insane! Congratulations!

how long is this

please im not playing for 16 hours

It should only take about 30 minutes.

ive been playing for 5 hours now. I have 300 miles to go, and am on the verge of death. 10/10 so far

gotta go faster

its the next day i still have 250 miles left,, why why am i like this


Calm down! It's okay.

Why did I waste my time doing this to the very end

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I asked myself the same question when I made it

how long did it take?

Dank and fun!
Lol the opening sequence!

the minimum speed is so depressing! I loved your game!

I got 60 miles in and then got stuck because you decay rings faster than I could pick them up.

The min speed could have been faster than 10km/h

But I guess that just means I crashed the sonic.

I wanted to see the  ending :/

this is god's work