Post-Results updates!

So Eva Ness got #6 overall in Fig Jam, which is not a bad result considering the competition, and got rated #1 in Fun.

Judging from the comments it's probably down to the Boss fights, which I'm quite happy with. I think next game though I won't hide bosses behind so many collectibles. "Perfect Eva" was probably my favourite boss to design and no-one would play it unless they got 100% in stage 2.

Anyway, now that the voting is over I've put a new build up with some quality of life changes.

First off, the top right timer isn't as urgent as it used to be. I've taken out the fractions of a second from it, although they do still show up on the end-of-level screen.

Secondly, at the bottom right it now shows how many secrets you have left to find in the level.

Thirdly, there's a New Game + option that lets you continue from where you left off, or start from level 1, but keeping all the secrets you found!

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Mar 11, 2018

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