Proc Jam Release

So version 0.3a has been released, this is the official Proc Jam version of the game and is considered 'Feature Complete'

That is, it has all the bits in it that make it a game, mainly having player Stats and managing those.

Managing those stats, for now, is the core of the game. There's very little outwith managing those stats and trying not to fall over from exhaustion.

From here on out it's all about adding stories to the game.

Events that happen while you're looking for a job, or sleeping in the Departures lounge, or elsewhere. The basic system is there, interrupting what you're doing in order to give you something else to do (at the moment the only thing that does that is you collapsing from exhaustion)

One other thing I plan on doing is giving you the ability to create a character - possibly choosing a procedurally generated one - with different perks, like more starting cash, or getting more cash from jobs, or just having special skills that unlock better random job. Still have to flesh that out but I hope to have a large library of those to smoosh together in interesting ways.

Then there's sound effects (of which the game currently has none), and music (again, the game has none right now).

And an end state. Ostensibly your goal is to reach Earth, but nothing happens right now when you do. I also want to add secrets in to the galaxy that you won't necessarily discover on the first playthrough of a galaxy (to encourage replaying the same galaxy more than once)

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